• Image of This Love

A selection of love songs and duets by Debbie and Paul Weston.

1. This Love (L. Rimes, M. Bleeson, J Collins)
2. Endless Love (L. Ritchie)
3. Home (M. Buble, A. Chang, A. Foster-Gillies)
4. The Perfect Year (C. Hampton, D. Black, Sir A. L. Webber)
5. Help Me Make It Through The Night (K. Kristofferson)
6. Love Letters (V. Young, E. Heyman)
7. In This Life (M. Reid, A. Shamblin)
8. Helping Me Get Over You (T. Tritt, L. White)
9. Somewhere In The Vicinity Of The Heart (B. LaBounty, R. Chudacoff)
10. When You Tell Me That You Love Me (A. Hammond, J. Bettis)

Produced and mastered by Paul and Debbie Weston