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The Westons – Drive

1. As She’s Walking Away (Z. Brown/W. Durette)
2. Boogie & Beethoven (L. Gatlin)
3. Anything Goes (B. Long/J. Wiggins)
4. Memphis, Tennessee – Live* (C. Berry)
5. Dance With Me (J. Reid/T. Sillers/V. Banks)
6. Somewhere Tonight – Live* (H. Howard/R. Crowell)
7. So You Don’t Have To Love Me Anymore (J. Knowles/A. Wright)
8. Black Velvet (D. Tyson/C. Ward)
9. The Wild Side Of Life (A. Carter/W. Warren)
10. Like We Never Had A Broken Heart (P. Alger/G. Brooks)
11. Drive (C. James/Brad Warren/Brett Warren)

Mastered & Produced Cliff Weston

Artwork & Sound Effects Paul Weston & Debbie Weston

* Recorded live at HH Promotions (Thanks to DJ Dave Woollas for introduction)